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About Geoff Izzard and Izzard Consulting

Geoff has been working as a strategic consultant for over 25 years. He has previously worked for BT, O2, Vodafone and Virgin Media.


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Small/Medium Businesses

Izzard Consulting (GISM ltd) is a business consultancy specialising in support for small/medium sized businesses, local government and the educational sector. We support all aspects of business and technology strategy.

We look at a wide range of business needs from helping with business goals, technical direction, optimising resources and considering tactical and strategic options for future development and expansion.

Corporate/Public Sector

We provide specialised consultancy to major financial and telecommunications organisations and public sector organisations.

We provide the support and direction that will help drive the most complex strategic service improvements involving multiple stakeholders (customer and supplier) and across the public/private sector divide.

This includes internal business and technology change as well as complex outsourcing and migration projects.


GISM Ltd. work closely in association with the following Companies and Organisations.

Champ Consultants

Champ Consultants provide a range of Finacial Services.

The Brite Web

The Brite Web provide Website Design and IT services.

Baroni Business Club

The Baroni International Business Culb is a collaboration of business ventures.

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Geoff Izzard

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