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The Surrey Business Partnership

The Surrey Business Partnership (SBP) is a joint venture aimed at supporting the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) marketplace. The aim of SBP is to help enable the development and growth of your business, and take it to the next level.

The SBP will work with you at board level to provide the additional specialist advice, skills and support that you may lack in your organisation, to help you to achieve your business goals.

There are two layers of service that the SBP provides to SMEs.

The Privilege Board

The Privilege Board is a personalised business service where your senior management team get to sit in a boardroom setting with the experts from SBP, and discuss active issues and opportunities, and provide advice and recommendations on a basis that is personal to you business goals.

Access to the Privilege Board is usually through a monthly subscription service, with board meetings taking place once per month. The agenda for each Privilege Board is set with your management team, within an agreed board framework.

When required, the SBP team will bring in additional associate experts to discuss issues where more specialist knowledge is required. Every Privilege Board is fully managed by the SBP team, and all discussions and decisions are documented and sent through to attendees following the meeting. SBP will also keep track of any risks and issues that are identified.

When members of the SBP team agree to take an action to investigate or recommend on a specific issue, this will be provided back to your senior management team in advance of the next Privilege Board meeting, unless an alternative timescale is agreed.

Interim Board Membership

As part of our personalised gold standard service, specific members of the SBP team, or agreed and approved SBP associates, will take an interim position within your. This interim position will either be for an agreed period of time, or aligned to the delivery of an agreed business objective.

Interim Board services are always specific to your organisation, and are focused upon delivery against agreed business needs. Therefore, the scope and the associated activities and scope of these engagements will always vary.

SBP are always happy to discuss Interim Board requests, and will work with you to ensure that an Interim Board engagement is the right approach, and if so, ensure that the scope can the business objectives within an agreed budget. This ensures that neither your business or the SBP finds themselves in a position where the agreed deliverables are not met within the agreed price.

To find out more about and of the SBP services, please get in touch through our enquiries page.

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