Izzard Consulting


The core business of GISM has always been consultancy, and it if from the consulting base that all of the other services have slowly developed.

GISM firmly believes that good quality consultancy should be available to all, and not only to the organisations with the deepest pockets. Therefore, GISM hasn’t only helped the large corporates and government agencies, but also small independent organisations, using consulting services that are always robust and professional.

All consultancy engagements are specific to meet the needs of your organisation, and the suitability of any consulting requirements would always be discussed and agreed with you prior to a proposal being produced. The proposal will be written to meet your specific need, and with a scope of work that is aimed to deliver to a budget that you can afford.

There is no standard consultancy service, as every engagement tends to be different, but some of the common subjects that are often address through consultancy include:

• Service development/assurance
• Technology assessment/improvement/outsourcing
• Business process improvement/transformation
• Supplier management
• Digital marketplace
• Financial management/funding
• Risk management

The list goes on, and there are no issues that are too small, or too large, that GISM isn’t willing to discuss with you.

To find out more about and of the GISM Event services, please get in touch through our enquiries page.

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