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Business Help Events

GISM operates two different type of business help events that may be suitable for you, depending upon the stage you are in your business development.

Business Start-up Events

GISM working with its associates runs occasional business start-up events across the Surrey area.

These events are aimed at individuals that are looking to start-up a new business, and require some initial help and advice on the steps that they need to take, and some of the issues that they may face that they may not even be aware of.

There is usually a minimal fee to attend these events, but the event fee is ALWAYS refunded to event attendees, so in effect the business start-up events are always free to those that attend.

Business Development Events – The Networking Board ©

GISM operates an event service to support business development known as the Networking Board ©. This is unlike any other networking event that you may have attended in the past.

The Networking Board © takes place when GISM identifies a selection of customers and/or prospects that are facing similar problems and would believe that they would benefit from a structured discussion with a wider audience.

When this happens, GISM will send out invites, outlining the business issues to be discussed, and details of the experts and associates from the GISM can bring to the wider discussion. Attendance at the Networking Board © is by ticket only.

Each event will focus upon one core issue, but discussions will not be limited to just that issue, and the discussions will range between all attendees and the GISM expert team. The GISM team will always provide written responses to all the issues raised by attendees at an event.

Event Management

GISM can setup and manage a wide range of private events for your organisation.

The standard event service requires an initial detailed meeting to discuss the objectives of your event, and the subsequent delivery includes undertaking the event planning, identifying and selecting the right location, conducting risk assessments, promoting the event, and managing bookings.

We can also provide a range of specialised event services including bar supply and management, which includes a TEN for licencing and can be up to a full “beer festival” size, catering for inside or outside, a range of different entertainment, and even firework displays if the event location is suitable.

To find out more about and of the GISM Event services, please get in touch through our enquiries page.

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