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GISM much prefers a holistic approach to mentoring, and the understanding that to be an effective mentor, we must work together with you and your business. Therefore, GISM will always aim to supporting the needs of the key individuals that own and run your business, helping you to balance personal as well as business goals.

To ensure that this can always be the case, GISM uses a three-step approach to mentoring:

Step 1: Free Consultation

This is a grand way of describing a getting to know you discussion, most likely over a coffee. This first step is always informal, and allows you, and us, to understand whether or not there is potential for GISM to support you and your business.

Step 2: Option Study

If we agree to continue beyond the free consultation, then GISM will provide a quote to undertake an option study.

The option study is a formal meeting over a few hours, either at your office, or at GISM. During the meeting, we will discuss your personal and business goals, and look at potential options and opportunities to help you meet those goals.

After the meeting, GISM will produce for you a structured option study and a set of recommendations that will help evaluate all of the options and opportunities, as well as provide potential next steps. This option study is usually presented back to you in a follow-on meeting.

Step 3: Engagement

You are not obliged in any way to progress to an engagement following the delivery of an option study. However, GISM are happy to aid you on any of the options that have been discussed to help deliver the required goals and benefits to you are your organisation, in any order to best suit you, and at your own speed.

The scope of any engagement will be agreed with you, and will be aligned to deliver against your goals within a budget that your organisation can afford.


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