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The GISM promotions stem from an original concept for business promotions through beer, and the creation of “Blister” as a logo and character that would promote a beer related brand.

There are many ways that your organisation could promote itself through “give-aways” that are branded, and there are many companies that can quickly and easily provide these. However, the evidence shows that very few of the individuals that take these give-away gifts, remember anything about the organisations that handed them out.

Therefore, GISM likes to specialise in promotions that your organisation could give away, but they always have an inherent value, and if promoted effectively can be sold to recover costs, and even to make a profit. It is also true that when there is a real value to a promotional product, there is a much greater recognition of the organisation that supplied the item or items.

Beer promotions have proven to be very successful in this area, but other forms of promotion, including t-shirts, hats, soft toys and some technical accessories can all provide similar success when they are done with a suitable level of quality and therefore value.


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